JIKN is an information network and archival information service facility in the national scope with the aim of realizing archival services as a complete, easy, fast and inexpensive collective memory of the Indonesian Nation while presenting transparency and government accountability to the public.

JIKN has an important role in the context of a unitary state, as a means of helping to unify documentary histories that are scattered among archival organizers in Indonesia. The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia faces a challenge with the large number of archives stored among archivists across jurisdictions and geographies as a result of changes and shifts in regional government. Because there are difficulties in physically unifying these archives, the use of technology through JIKN offers a solution to create a nation's memory virtually.

Another thing is to increase the interest of archive users to use the internet in making visits to the nation's archives more easily, quickly and cheaply so as to increase the empowerment of archives by the community.


Pusat Sistem dan Jaringan Informasi Kearsipan Nasional
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